Friday, August 7, 2015

Continuous Mills for the Water and Wastewater Industry

continuous mill1These past several years we have been focused on designing and manufacturering high quality mills for one of the largest water and wastewater companies in the world. This project will put approximately 30 of our mills into the waste water industry this year and opens the door for more in the future.

This project will see our mills all over the globe, the primary focus is the East Coast but a few of these mills will make their way to Singapore and the United Kingdom this year. This particular model is one of our standard models with 40 horsepower and can operate in the 5-50 gpm flow rate range. This makes it ideal for the water and wastewater application our client is using them for.

continuous mill2We are proud to say that this type of continuous flow mill can be used in a number of different industries such as the paint, ink, paper, chemical, mining, minerals, and many more industries. We have been in the business for almost 70 years and with each new project we get more and more excited for the industries we are serving and the ways our clients are using all of our products from our continues flow mills to our top and bottom entry batch mills.

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