Thursday, June 25, 2015

Drum Mixers

Most children love playing with trucks and toy construction equipment. Some have just the toys, while others watch movies with talking cranes, mixer trucks, and backhoes. My brother’s favorite toy was his dump truck that could haul dirt from one area of the play box to the other. My grandfather was a mechanic, which lead him to take tools and pretend to fix things on his equipment. Either way, he began as a child wanting to play and fix the equipment to being an adult who operates and fixes the same toys.

Although most children are not interested in playing with mixer trucks as compared to other construction toys, they are actually very interesting as an adult. There are a variety of mixers that range in size from large industrial mixers to rotating drum trucks and cement mixers that are pulled behind a car. The most common rotating drum mixer that comes to mind is a cement mixer.

In a cement mixer, water, aggregate such as pea gravel or sand is blending to make concrete. This type of mixer can be purchased or rented for personal or commercial use. It may be a good investment to purchase if you plan on completing more than one job, but if you know what you are doing and want to do-it-yourself, renting might be the better option. One thing’s for certain, you need to do business with those that have experience and dedication to customer service, as you will find with Kady International.

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