Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kady Continuous Flow Mill Headed to Alabama

Over the past few weeks our teams have been working on a special continuous flow mill system. The system is comprised of a 1200 gallon, 350 horsepower continuous flow mill, a control panel, and some ancillary equipment, and it is currently on its way down to Mobile, Alabama, where it will be used in a bitumen terminal. Our equipment will play a crucial role in reliably and efficiently blending and dispersing bitumen for use in asphalt concrete and roofing applications.

This specially designed system utilizes a 1200 gallon vessel with multiple side and bottom ports. Materials are pumped in through the bottom ports of the vessel and blended. The upper side ports are used to discharge the materials from the vessel, and each is located at a different volume level. This mill design provides flexible retention times, so the mill can be reconfigured based on application needs. When the higher ports are used, it takes more time for the materials to be discharged, so the materials are mixed and blended longer. The materials, then, leave the vessel with more energy input which eliminates the need for recirculation and multiple passes through the system. Additionally, the mill can be reliably used for flow rates up to 750 gallons per minute, reducing the need for many premixing and pretreatment tanks and pumps.

At Kady International, we have been manufacturing industrial mixing equipment for almost 50 years, and this continuous flow mill is a testament to our continued dedication to quality and reliability.

Flow mill on truck

Flow mill on location

High Shear Mixers

There are a variety of substances and liquids that do not mix well together, such as oil and water. Even after being mixed, leaving a jar to sit untouched for a while, the water and oil will eventually completely separate with the oil rising to the top or the jar and the water sinking to the bottom. In such cases where two substances do not mix, manufacturing companies will use a high shear mixer.

A high shear mixer is a type of mixer that is designed to fully merge solid, liquid, or gas elements that traditionally would not mix together. A mixing method, called shear straining, will move two types of fluid across each other at different speeds. This method creates an area of deformation in the contact area between the two fluids, resulting in a homogeneous substance. The shear mixers mix at very high speeds in order to combine the two substances.

There are a variety of shear mixers including: inline, batch, and ultra-high mixers that are used to mix chemicals and other materials together to form one substance.