Saturday, January 10, 2015

High Shear Mixers

There are a variety of substances and liquids that do not mix well together, such as oil and water. Even after being mixed, leaving a jar to sit untouched for a while, the water and oil will eventually completely separate with the oil rising to the top or the jar and the water sinking to the bottom. In such cases where two substances do not mix, manufacturing companies will use a high shear mixer.

A high shear mixer is a type of mixer that is designed to fully merge solid, liquid, or gas elements that traditionally would not mix together. A mixing method, called shear straining, will move two types of fluid across each other at different speeds. This method creates an area of deformation in the contact area between the two fluids, resulting in a homogeneous substance. The shear mixers mix at very high speeds in order to combine the two substances.

There are a variety of shear mixers including: inline, batch, and ultra-high mixers that are used to mix chemicals and other materials together to form one substance.