Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How Ice Cream and Mixing are Related Through Agitation

Agitation is the trick for homemade ice cream. There are hundreds of recipes out there that claim to have all the right ingredients. But to make true ice cream there is a quintessential process for the mixture to have a cream-like texture. Shaking and stirring is the key to allow the ingredients to become thoroughly smooth and mixed. Most ice creams have basic requirements such as cream, sweetener and milk. But if you were to put all of the best components from the ice cream recipes in the freezer without agitation then you will end up with a frozen block of mess.

Have you ever experimented with making your own ice cream? It would be extremely difficult without the convenience of an agitation mixer. Some ice cream agitators use ice cubes and salt to reach needed temperatures to freeze the cream, but with our maker it utilizes a double-insulated bowl. Then the inner layer gets a frozen gel which cools the ice cream. After you finish churning, you wash the bowl and then place it back in the freezer until next time. One of the down sides of the insulated bowl is that once the inner layer is thawed, it will not make more ice cream. This means that if you want to make several batches then you will have to use an alternative method. But with any method you choose, agitation will be key