Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Top of the Line Lab Mills

KADY International is proud to be a leader in manufacturing industrial grade high speed dispersion equipment. We have been in the industry for almost 70 years and we pride ourselves on continually growing our business through innovation and high quality customer service. KADY International works hard to design, engineer and manufacture high quality mills, mills that can be found in forty-one different countries across the world.

Our lab mills are a fine example of the attention to detail and quality that we put into each and every one of our products. We have two main styles of lab mills. The first is the newly engineered L- 2000 High Speed Dispersion Lab Mill. This mill offers just about unlimited dispersion/mixing combinations and the fresh design incorporates an enclosed shaft which allows for deaerating capabilities. The mill has continuous through put rates of 3-5 GPM, or a batch operation of 1 pint to 3/4 gallons. This is our top entry version of a lab mill. The bottom entry version, otherwise known as Model LB has a batch working capacity of one gallon and is outfitted with all wetted parts in a stainless steel. We even have a vacuum operation available as an option for our Model LB Lab mill in order to better meet your needs. One important aspect of our lab mills is scalability. If we can achieve the results in the lab, we can scale up to pilot and production equipment.

As we’ve said before we have been designing, engineering and manufacturing mills for many years, so you know that you can count on us for high quality and reliability. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any further questions either through our Contact Us form or by giving us a call at (207) 883 -4141. We are waiting to answer your call and any questions you may have!

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