Thursday, March 3, 2016

Our Mills

Here at KADY international, we manufacture three different types of high speed dispersion mills. Our Top Entry models ( L-2000, 2OT, 25T and 100T), Bottom Entry (OO, OC, 4C, 500B) and our continuous flow mills (OOCF, OCF). All three of these models share the same operating principle with high shear, impact and impingement. Each model uses a similar rotor stator configuration and all have approximately the same top rotor tip speed of around 9000 feet per minute.

This means that each model can be utilized in similar applications from mixing paints and inks to paper, chemicals, mineral products, waste water, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many more. While they can all be used almost interchangeably, some models offer more advantages in certain applications than others. For example, paint and ink applications which require multiple color changes for the same machine, are best suited for a top entry mills where multiple tanks are able to be serviced and a separate clean tank can be used. Our bottom entry machines work well in applications that are dedicated to a single product or color. And applications that require vacuum or pressure are typically best suited for bottom entry mills as there is no penetrating dispersion unit through the top of the tank.

If you are unsure of which mill might be best suited for your unique application, be sure to contact us today and we will be happy to help identify which Kady high speed dispersion mill will suit your application best. Please contact Kady International today and learn more about our no charge in house testing service.
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