Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Large and Small Scale Mixers

Part of the manufacturing process used in many industries such as food, chemical, cosmetic, and adhesive, includes mixing contents together to make materials and other products. Industrial mixers are usually very large, allowing them to mix large batches of product all at one time. Also, larger mixing tanks allow companies to produce products at higher rates in short periods of time.

Mixing is a common first step of many in the manufacturing process to produce specific products chosen by individual companies. There are several different kinds of mixers that industries use to mix their batches, to include: drum, food, vacuum, batch, and static mixers. They also have different options for mixing blades (some detachable) and how the mixing blade will rotate (based on what is being mixed). Some materials require a constant movement by using a continuous flow mixer while some materials require a static mixer, where the mixer component does not move. In addition there are industrial mixers that are set to mix, disperse, emulsify, homogenize, mill, or blend products for short and long periods of time.

Businesses that only need small batches of product are not required to buy the larger industrial mixers since there are many size options available. They can also buy mixers that are specified for multi-use of varying ingredients with detachable blades, allowing the company to save space and money for their mixing needs. From large industrial companies with hundreds of mixers to small scale mixers designed for personal use, customers will find that mixers provide many benefits and solutions for hard to mix ingredients and the production of products.

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